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The Cimbrers

The reason I call my YouTube channel and partially this website Cimbrer Bushcraf, you can read below. But the connection is obvious, because I live in the area of Denmark where the Cimbrers came from… called Himmerland (as mentioned in the article). This region is placed, just south of Aalborg, the largest city in North Jutland.

The Cimbres were a Germanic tribe who lived in present Denmark, probably in Himmerland.
The Cimbres were mentioned for the first time in 113 BC when they, together with Teutonians and Ambronians, went to the Roman Empire ( which still, in the 2nd century BC was a republic ).
The result was a series of war-like clashes, and in a historical battle, the Teutonians, Ambronians and Cimbrers won a great victory over the Roman legion in the Teutoburg Forest. The Romans lost all their men ( about 65.000 ).
But in the year: 101 BC. near the city of Vercellae in Italy, the Teutonians, Ambronians and Cimbrers were finally defeated.
Later about the birth of Christ, the Cimbrers are referred to again, and it is mentioned that they lived in the northernmost end of Denmark on the Jutland peninsula. A card drawn by Ptolemæus and dated to 135-142 AD can probably be backdated to the same time.